Central Saint Martins

The collection draws its visual inspiration from the scene of dramatic events of 2014—2015 in Ukraine. These events that suddenly broke out in the middle of a daily peaceful life, dramatically changed a look of the city and its citizens. Comfort zones and safe places disappeared, giving place to the destruction, street fights and the constant state of insecurity. The collection, oversized, disproportioned, heavy and uneasy to wear, aims to reconstruct this state of insecurity, hyperbolizing and decomposing the shape of traditional outfit.

Composed of large raw pieces of fabric attached together by fragments of plastic tape or tied together with a rope, the clothes covers, wraps and traps the body. Like an armor or a shield, it is a means of protecting us from a dangerous aggressive environment, but and the same time becomes a burden for us to wear.

This collection is sponsored by PepsiCo.
Thermo transfer materials for textile prints are sponsored by Siser.


look-book by Cate Underwood